I’ve been drawing with ballpoints since I was 12, but I never studied art, found out creativity comes naturally to me, and I just draw when I feel that vibe to create. However, when I discovered Photoshop, I fell in love with how easy it was to create digital prints, I stepped forward to learn it, and for 6 months I studied the digital aspects via Youtube videos and self taught myself. Later, I started gaining momentum and making some cool designs and funny digital paintings…and then it was just the beginning.

I launched my brand and online shop recently where I take orders for custom digital paintings and sell art prints and tee shirts respectively. I recently stumbled upon Bored Panda from a random Google search and I liked the concept of the website and its atmosphere for people to showcase their ideas and daily living in the most creative manner.

A while after my 6 months of practicing people started noticing my designs and commending me, day after day, workout after workout, word of mouth from friends…I got an anonymous email one day from a potential client, a blogger from California who told me he was interested in my work, I was amazed and replied to his email, he showed me an example of what he wanted me to do for him, and turned out my result blew out his wildest imaginations, he was pleased and published the digital art in his blog, and that was the beginning of my digital art career as a designer.

After that gig I did for him, I continued getting more clients and that was how I became a full time graphic designer in the process and bringing my art dream to life, taking orders for models, Shopify clothing brands, authors and art lovers/collectors.

Am just glad I could share my story with you guys, and I do hope you would love to get me to design something for you in the near future, possibly a digital painting of a loved one, a special someone or your pet.

More info: amazon.com

Commissioned Digital Oil Painting of a Labrador named Ruby

Digital Smudge Painting of a California blogger

A commissioned model digital oil painting print

A commissioned digital oil painting print