This year together with Ingrida we travelled around Southeast Asia, spend there 6,5 months, visited 9 countries and had a great adventure. But Myanmar (second largest SEA country after Indonesia, also known as Burma) stuck deep in my head and I am still thinking how to get back there.

Visitors can easily get 28 days tourist visa which costs USD 50, but for sure it is not enough to see all of the beauty which this country has to offer.

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Mandalay-Hsipaw was the most beautiful railway journey I took, because Goteik viaduct which was built in 1900 and it is still in use

(In)Famous 20 lane highway is HUGE road with 10 lanes to each direction, it is located in officialal capital of Myanmar – Napyidaw, which was moved with minimal explanation from Yangon to Napyidaw

When we were there only 1 mean of transport passed every minute.

Bagan is acient city which covers total area of more than 100 square km, there is more than 2000 remains of old pagodas. It is great place for sunrises and sunsets, because they are AMAZING!

While travelling in Myanmar you can spot so many young, bald-headed monks and nuns who are still children – they are fighting, playing and having fun

People – that’s why this country is AMAZING!

They are super friendly, they are always smiling, most of them love foreigners, because country was closed for long time and only in 2011 it became pretty easy to visit Myanmar for foreigners.

Hitchhiking works great, trunk of the car with Burmese woman, pick-up trunk, 8 people in 5 seats car, truck, paid taxi driver who doesn’t ask money – you name it!

Another great spot for sunsets is U Bein Bridge located not far away from Mandalay. It is the longest teakwood bridge in the world being 1,2 kilometers length!

This is the biggest reclining Buddha in the world (at least they say so), it is located not far away from Mawlamyine city and there is a museum inside it…

…and that’s me – I am the size of one foot fingernail!

This is the view just before sunset from Mt Zwegabin, it is possible to see sunset and sunrise from here if you are willing to take tough 1-2 hours hike!

Water to canal is pumped from Thanlyin river and children are having fun in it

This old woman was praying to every temple which we passed, she is wearing traditional burmese longyi

It is traditional clothing which is worn by both – men and women and I guess more than 60-70% of population wear it nowadays.

Sometimes you get something different than you expected

This is hotspring located in Hsipaw, local washing his clothes, bobcat digging ground and truck passing just 3 meters behind us. Fun experience!

Yangon – previous capital, but it is still capital of people. Everything happens here, all foreigners come here, city has beautiful buildings, friendly locals, many markets, various dishes