I was attending Boston University at the time, and something just didn’t feel right. I was in their arts program but I didn’t feel like I fit in. That’s when I decided take a shot at earning a spot in The Cooper Union! This school also offers half-tuition to all students, so it was basically my only shot at attending an art school that wouldn’t devour my bank accounts.

Located in the bustling heart of Manhattan, The Cooper Union is one of the nation’s top art colleges, providing a phenomenal art program to hundreds of students every year. Despite it’s rigorous application process and killer acceptance rates , they only accept 40-60 kids, so I was QUITE stressed out.

They require a sketchbook to be sent in, so instead of sending them an old one, I went ahead and launched a brand new one in October, to be sent in 3 months later. This video documents some of its best pages!

More info: artistofu.com