I live in arctic at Finland and we have very short summer and long winter so we don't have much sunlight for most of the year. In Lapland sun doesn't rise up the horizon for 2 months so we are left only with the darkness.

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I love to be in the darkness with my flashlight and adventuring to new places and waiting for the perfect moment for the magical and beautiful northern lights.

Here is some of my work and I hope you like it!

More info: janiojala.com | Facebook

#1 Single Tree

Single Tree


thedaydreamer 1 year ago


#6 Countryside Magic

Countryside Magic


John L 1 year ago

While the summers are short, the growing season is long due to the increase in daylight each day.

#10 Winter Forest In The Moonlight

Winter Forest In The Moonlight


Janice Scott 1 year ago

These are glorious and mesmerizing! Compliments to you as photographer, and God as Creator of it all!

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