Hello! I’m Maria, from Brasil and a few months ago I decided to start a photography project that would be fun to do, and fun to see. And there is nothing that can bring a smile to someone’s face like a cute animal, right? How about animals wearing cute stuff? Right on the heart!

I wanted my work to bring joy to everyone who saw it, and to open everyone’s eyes to these animals that most of the time are not as well appreciated as they should.

It took me a lot of time, a bath with the pig, a jacare’s pee on me and a horse kick no my face to do it, but here I present to you, with all my love: Animaisdechapeu (Animalsonhats).

More info: Instagram

Dino the argentinian teiu and his cowboy hat

“well, hello folks”

Stalone, because you know… he is a snake(cobra)

“sssssslaying baby!”

The most peacefull cow you will ever see

“moooorning miss”

Marry-lou and the curls

Let me tell you that it actually worked, and we got very pretty curls.


“Golden eggs you say? Well let me tell you about my golden necklaces…”


“Hello friend, woul you happen to have some corn?” – Let me just tell you that THIS guy was sooo much trouble !

Carol the Hawk that loves cute ties

“Hey! no photos!”

Jack the jacare

“Glad to see ya here mate! how do you like my new Rayban’s?”

Franciele the teiu

This girl knows all about the swag

So i hope everyone liked it, and don’t forget: “animals are friends, not hats”….wait, what?i don’t think it goes like that….