Last year I spend hundred hours on bridges in Hanoi to take pictures of Vietnamese Vendors. Back home in the Netherlands I heard that the vendors are slowly disappearing in Vietnam. So I decided to publish a book to show the beauty of these street vendors.

A lot of the vendors come to Hanoi to earn a little bit extra money. Their home is often very far away from the capital city and they only go home a couple of times a year to see their family. How many times they go home often depends on how small their children are. Smaller children means going home more often.

To save money a lot of vendors live and eat together. They bring rice from their country side because that’s cheaper.

Last I heard: The vendors will probably stay for a while in Hanoi, just not in the main tourist locations.. That’s a shame for so many people going to Hanoi, but very good news for the vendors! Let’s hope this stays for a while :)!

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