It´s great to have an idea that gives you a good laugh. When I get these ideas I write them down and let them be a while. Then if it makes me giggle later on also I usually make a sketch / drawing it to see if it could work as a photo also.

Idea for this photo came when my friend saw a digital art photo that he think was made quite poorly. “The result of a badly photoshopped picture looks always like that boy fishing from the moon.” was his comment of this photo. I don´t hate or see that the Dreamworks logo is poorly made but he for some reason does.

So becouse of the hate he had for this little innocent character I thought it would be quite dark and also hilarious to get rid of “him” in a environment that gives somekind of reason or purpose to this cruel act… in a funny way ofcourse.

So far it still was all clear and amusing to me so I started to create the composition. I asked my father to be the “hunter” and my son to act the deadly role of little moon boy. Ofcourse they said yes and I took photos and carried out the rest of the plan by combining all the elements in photoshop.

When the work was done I rested my eyes for a while. As I sat down to look the final photo again the “WTF” – feeling hit me. The result looked disturbed but funny at the same time… sure I did know from the beginning that the idea was odd but It still made me confused. Many people have described this exact feelings when they have seen some of my works and for the first time I understand.

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NO fishing!

Making of “NO fishing!”