Last few months I spent among Kuki tribe in Manipur, a northeastern state of India and I had an opportunity to discover more about this still forgotten part of the World. Manipur is known as “The Jewel of India” and a “Gateway to Southeast Asia”. Honestly it is a very special place for me because my wife as well our daughter were born here.

One of the ethnic group living in Manipur are Kukis – a Tibeto-Burman hill tribe, which lives also in some parts of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Majority of them are Christians, mostly Protestant (especially Baptist) but there is also a group practicing Judaism. During my stay there together with my wife we decided to make children environmental photo shoot of her relatives in traditional Kuki attire.

Now, in my first post at Bored Panda I would like to share with you the results of those few photography sessions, to show how in this border between India and Southeast Asia one culture blends into another.

PS. Pics have kids names in its tittles so you can meet those little people closer! 

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Lhaideikim aka “Dedei”


Lhaideikim and Mangginthang

Varte and Aapu aka “Jackie Chan”


Lhaideikim and Mangginthang


Mangginthang and Lhaideikim


Bench stories

Lhingdeithem, Aapu and Varte

Moikim and Mangginthang

Lhingdei, Mamin and Lhaideikim

Lhaideikim and Lhingdei


Follow the Big Boss

Joyful moments


Varte and Aapu

Magical moment