I love travelling and taking pictures. I always admired beautiful professional photographs on Instagram and as I had no experience with photography I bought an entry level mirrorless camera almost 2 years ago and started to learn. I read hundreds of articles about photography, post-processing and photo gear. I was not happy with my results and I got a feeling that I need an expensive pro camera to take beautiful pictures. 

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But today, after hours spent outside shooting and post-processing I start to believe one doesn`t need $3000 equipment to take nice pictures. Of course, there are huge limitations and you have to be very patient and creative to be able to get the results you want but it definitely is possible. What I love about my camera is that it is small, light and it never let me down. I can have it with me all the time without carrying heavy DSLR camera and big lenses. I think I will keep using it and test its potential. I also want to show everyone who loves photography, that you don`t need to spend all your savings on expensive camera gear. Get a decent enough body and a nice lens and start to experiment. Maybe your results will be better than you think.

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#1 Iceland



Lusine M. 11 months ago

Can you tell us the settings you used here

#4 Winter In Slovakia

Winter In Slovakia


André Fafa Fabrice 11 months ago

Beautiful, I like this picture...