I’m Katrina Yu, a photographer, and a digital artist.

In this self-portrait project, I decided to challenge myself in recreating scenes from Ghibli Studio by combining photos together where a single image can be composed of 5-10 images.

I always love Ghibli Studio films that recreating these made me relived a part of my childhood.

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#1 Kiki Delivery Service

#2 Spirited Away Railroad Landscape

#3 My Neighbor Totoro

#4 The Grave of the Fireflies

#5 Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Ohmu

#6 Princess Mononoke

#7 Spirited Away, Haku

#8 Howl’s Moving Castle

#9 My Neighbor Totoro

#10 Castle in the Sky, Robot Guard

Process: Ohmu

Process: Princess Mononoke

Process: Totoro