Me and my neighbor Jamie Dragisic always laugh about how much she looks like Melissa MacCarthy, not only the “looks” but personality as well. I was sitting up one night thinking about what could I do. Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorite actresses, and I knew we needed to do something. And the genius idea to recreate one of her movies with Jamie, (who could care less what other people think) was born. She had no shame going to the local mall dressed up Diana from “Identity Thief” and rocking the 1980s makeup.

Melissa is so funny in all of her movies and Jamie is like that too. I went shopping to about 10 different thrift stores looking for the exact wardrobe. I wanted every detail to be the same, or as close to the same as the movie. Connie Martisek, neighbor/friend, who is an amazing stylist did her hair; Kari Eckart, an entrepreneur at Paparazzi Jewelry provided earrings. We also had many donations of the paper bags in the photos from our Cedar Lake subdivision.

We “packed ” our kids and went to the mall. We had people take selfies with Jamie and post them online saying “Look who came to the store today” thinking its Melissa. This was one fun photoshoot that I will never forget.

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