Hello! My Name is Olesya Sakhro. I was born in a charming town Kolomiya, on a west side of Ukraine. I have been asked often why I have such a passion to embroidery….I think it’s in my DNA. In our surrounding you probably won’t find a house where from ancient times, woman from the time they were little girls could put needles in a good use. This skill was passed from generation to generation. BTW, embroidery was popular not only among women but, many men could brag with their embroidery skills. Back in times, even for ladies in nobles families and high society, loved all kinds of embroidery and stitching.

For me it’s not a job, not a hobby, not some interest – it’s my life. It’s like a breathing for me. When I take a needle into my hands, time stops and something new, interesting, exciting is beginning to form. I never know what will happen in the end, because a lot of ideas are born in the process and sometimes I lose the thread of the original thought. The process of single embroidery takes at least 250 hours, which involves mixing of more than 70 colors and shades. It’s like music you love and you can listen to it endlessly.

In the last 15 years embroidery and I are inseparable. At first there were paintings. Over the years, a huge number of exhibitions, both personal and combined with other artists took place in Ukraine, Russia, Canada, and Great Britain. My works are in private collections around the world, in particular in such famous people as Kenzo Takada and the head of the Habsburg House. After studying a lot of techniques, I came up with my own, which I patented successfully six years ago.

A year and a half ago I realized that I wanted to leave the gallery and private collections for a narrow circle of people, and go out “into a street”, to provide the opportunity to enjoy this beauty to the whole world.

More info: sakhro-art.com