For the past year, I’ve photoshopped myself into rare historical photos with celebrities as part of Throwback Thursday. #TBT.

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#TBT to when Bill Gates and I started a company

#TBT to the 90’s when I was a personal trainer for the Kardashians

#TBT to when I was Michael Jordan’s college roomie

#TBT to good times with James Brown

#TBT to when I flew Elvis and Priscilla in their private jet

#TBT to me and David Bowie in Berlin 1983

#TBT to chatting with Bernie Sanders about wealth redistribution

#TBT to photobombing Janis Joplin at Woodstock

# TBT to when I used to roll deep w/Tupac

#TBT to pool fun with Marilyn

#TBT to when I helped Jay-Z parallel park in London. 1980’s

#TBT to shopping with Warhol

#TBT to when I was a White House aide in the 90’s

#TBT to Nintendo with The Fresh Prince

#TBT to when me & MJ met these ladies at the park and posed with purses

#TBT to me and Alfred Hitchcock in Cannes, France. I have no idea what we’re doing here