I’ve been collecting/playing with Hasbro Star Wars toys forever, but last year I decided it was time they really flew!

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Confession: I’ve got no photography skills whatsoever (or fancy equipment), so I just point, shoot, and hope I get lucky!

It’s a huge trial-and-error process, but sometimes it yields perfect results!

Believe it or not, I “cut” these ships out from their original background by hand (using my laptop’s trackpad and photoshop’s eraser tool)

This takes 10x longer (and is 100x harder) than using the pen tool, but there’s something organic about it, akin to painting, that really helps me feel like I’m creating “art.”

In every shot, I try adding different elements that add to the overall realism of the piece, like reflections off cockpit glass…

…or heat mirage coming from the engines…

…or elements (like these water droplets) covering the lens