Lithuanians celebrate the centenary of the restored Lithuania this year. On this occasion, myself an experienced photographer from Vilnius and two talented artists – make up artist Indrė Paulina and fashion designer Ingrida Rutkauskaitė-Naujokė, cooperated for one project.

We have created two extravagant images of bride which represent two different periods from the restoration of Lithuania one hundred years ago to this day. The photographs are not only about fashion differences but also about woman’s attitude to herself, social roles and manners.

The authentic environment of Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai House-Museum was our time-machine which helped to reveal the modest but also self-confident style of the interwar bride.

For today’s bride’s image we chose a modern urban space in VGTU “Linkmenų fabrikas” and an elegant form of dress.

Hope you enjoy the photos :)


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