Lake Bled doesn’t freeze very often but this year the temperature was very low for almost all January and it was finally possible to walk all the way to the island. First, only a few of the bravest men and women dared to walk more than a few meters from the shore, but after the lake was completely covered with thick layer of ice, whole masses migrated to the island.

And it’s really an amazing sight to see. It’s a phenomenon that as a photographer you really mustn’t miss. Last time the lake was frozen like that was back in 2012. Winter at Lake Bled can be very beautiful without icy lake (one morning last year was spectacular), but ice sure makes it more fun.

More info:

View from Ojstrica hill at sunrise

More and more visitors started to come to the island

Catch me if you can

Checking if ice is thick enough

Swan also wanted to have some fun

Enchanted castle

Just having fun

White walkers

More white walkers

Some people came to the island on a motorcycle

Another dramatic image for the end