I wanted to steer my career in a different direction, more outside instead of inside behind the computer. So I took a flower growing course to learn to grow flowers, but I ended up in a dark studio photographing these gorgeous creatures that I have grown.

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Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk


It’s Not Easy Being Green

More Wine Please

Clematis want’s to listen to Chopin


Loving Memories

Wherefore Art Thou

O Romeo

Juliet is Resting


Lilly Do You Have protection?

Lilly is going Out

Lilly wants to be alone

Resting Lilly

Spacing Rose

I miss my Dog

Ageing is Beautiful

You are suffocating me!

Just us Peonies

Where is my Yellow Plastic Bag

I Said: More Wine Please

Cotton Candy Bitch

Dancing Lilly

Plastic or Real?

White Trash

All Dressed up And nowhere to Go II

All Dressed up And nowhere to Go