I’m a visual pop artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh, who paints under the cloak, Pretty Shitty Art. I’m heavily inspired by pop gore and media culture, and I paint world leaders as babies.

These bundles of joy come with little stories, personality traits and baggage. So far we’ve got Kim Jong-un, Narendra Damodardas Modi, Barack Obama and José Mujica. Everyone loves a nice baby photo!

More info: prettyshittyart.com

Reign Supreme

Kim Jong-un, titled Supreme Leader of North Korea, is a man of mystery. And soap bubbles. Here he is portrayed with one of his own – an ordinary brain-dead glossy-eyed plastic being in awe of its owner – the rubber duck.

Chef Obama

With a finger in every oil pie, chef Obama is out on the prowl. And he isn’t alone either. Stars and Stripes, baby!

Modi At The Beach

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi happily clad in beach shorts. Search giant Google apologized to the PM in 2015 after his picture kept cropping up under the search “top 10 criminals in India”.

Mujica, the last action hero

Jośe Mujica, the radical revolutionary who legalized gay marriage, cannabis and abortion and gave away 90% of his salary as the President of Uruguay is a political legend and hero. He lived in a tiny house instead of his Presidential quarters and drives a 25 year old Beetle.