I’m a doll artist and customize pre-loved fashion dolls, transforming discarded dolls, from head to toe, into life-like characters of Big stars who have made an impact on our lives with their talent and creativity.

So as a tribute to these amazing people, I have been inspired to make dolls in their likeness. I find these dolls at charity shops, car boot sales, then clean them up and remove their factory paint. I then re-paint and restyle the dolls using non toxic materials, sometimes adding sculpy clay to reshape the original dolls body and face, adding hair or making wig caps to full body repaint and blush for a more realistic look. I have a fondness for making Ziggy dolls and other interesting famous people.

I do all kinds of customization and just love making Bowie look a likes as he was such an interesting and colorful character. As a tribute to the great David Bowie I have been inspired to make dolls in the likeness of him in his different phases and personalities. I have also customized a doll to look like Spock from Star Trek and working on a Prince and Lemmy doll, among others.

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Ziggy Stardust,customized Monster High doll with full body paint /blush and hair restyle

Ziggy Star dust customized doll

Ziggy in his blue suit

Ziggy doll before and after repaint and styling in his striped suit and gold face paint


Spock doll, customized Monster high doll. This doll has had a wig cap made to resemble his hairstyle.

David Bowie as John Blaylock from the film ‘The Hunger’.

Ella Fitzgerald doll