My name is Jarmila Sabo.

I am a proud mother of two and Lovely Owlie maker.

Lovely Owlie is a little pocket Venus that resembles an owl. She is the main character in my paintings, drawings, and hand-painted jewelry.

My art is mostly inspired by nature, folklore, and fantasy.


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Forest Tale

Mademoiselle Inforestilive

Lovely and her Kitty

Mademoiselle Sea. 🐚💧🐬 Inspired by “Song of the sea” an animated fantasy drama and a visual treat that truly touches the soul.

Close friends

Mademoiselle Meadow

Nightmares. Sometimes they can be pretty haunting.

Mademoiselle Swamp

Mademoiselle Woodland

Best friends forever. And ever.

Miss Ginger and Little Phillip.

Miss Cupcake is mainly sweet.

Mother of Butterflies

Somewhere in Wonderland

You and me for eternity