It all started with a costume for my son’s Tudor day… over 300 ruffs later I’m fascinated by this ridiculous item of clothing.

Ruffs emerged throughout the Renaissance, gradually growing from a small decorative shirt collar, the arrival of starch enabled them to became the huge and ornate garments of the Elizabethan period. Mainly made from fine linen with hand-made lace they were immensely time consuming to make, and therefore only afforded by the wealthiest. They affected the posture of the wearer, and forced their chin up which give them a haughty bearing. Eventually they disappeared and evolved back into a loose collar.

My ruffs are inspired by this wonderful period of costume. Each one takes several hours, and many metres of fabric to create. They have been used in plays, events, displays and as props for photographers and artists.
They say fashion comes back around eventually!

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