Thank you all for supporting the previous post of my needle felted acorn beret animals! Halloween is coming soon and I decided to make some cruelty free bat taxidermies by needle felting and hand embroidery. There are so many different species of bats and are all aesthetically interesting. I decided to start with my 2 favorite species, the ghost bat and the Honduran white bat.

Gracie is an albino Honduran white bat. She is an introvert, love sweet things and cute animals. She doesn’t talk much but is a good listener.

Archie the Honduran white bat is the twin brother of Gracie. He loves travelling and taking photos. His favorite food is fig.

Adrian is an albino ghost bat. He is the cousin of Archie and Gracie. He is the naughtiest one.

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Adrian the albino ghost bat

Archie the Honduran white bat

Gracie the albino Honduran white bat