Hello! My name is Yuki. I’m from Tokyo, and I have been making cute and geeky vegan/vegetarian recipes in my tiny apartment. It’s been such a fun journey!

I use only natural ingredients. For example, I use beetroots and cranberries to dye my cookies pink, because food coloring is considered toxic to you.

My food art is inspired by my inner child soul. I get all the sources from watching movies, playing video games, and reading comic books. Majority of the Japanese food I make is inspired by my mother, and rest are the new food ideas and spices I picked up from my travels to the foreign countries! Thank you!

More info: yukitchen.com

Super Mario Salad

Jabba The Hutt Pie

Panda Anmitsu

Polar Bear Ramen

Rilakkuma Dango

Panda Chia Pudding

Cactuar Lasagna

Panda Boba Tea

Rilakkuma Veggie Burger

Rilakkuma Choco-Banana Bread

Spirited Away “Yubaba” Miso Soup

Rilakkuma Sushi

Spirited Away “No Face” Yakisoba