Hello! My name is Yuki and I cook healthy vegetarian recipes using only natural ingredients.

I’m Japanese, meaning it’s in my blood to create things and make them look supercute. What makes my stuff a tad different than the other homies is that I never use artificial food additives. It’s organic, as we Japanese would pronounce, “Oohganikku”!

I used cacao powder for brown, beetroot and lime for pink, and matcha powder to color my cookie dough green. I’m also good at drawings. So I made cookies to look like my friends the other day and thought this could be your Valentine’s Day project this year. Hai! 

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Meet my friends. They actually look like these

I made them from these organic ingredients

The key to the happiness here is the vanilla extract and brandy!

Cute cookies at stores are usually not that tasty, so I made sure mine’s got rich flavors. Mix the ingredients until they are all combined.

Can you believe these are all natural? You don’t need to use artificial food dye. You just need a bit of creativity!

What I used here were the cocoa powder, beetroot and cranberries and matcha powder.

The art of crafting

Oh hi. I love cooking and so do you!

Depending on my friends’ personality, I changed the facial expressions on each cookie. This one I’m woking on is my beautiful friend Takky, she always has a big smile on her face.

The glasses. He wears them and I can’t miss them!

Is that only me who does this? I just can’t wait

Meet my baked friends. They are delicious and organic!

So cute!

Doesn’t it look like him? It’s my ninja cookie skill

Also my ninja skill

Too cute to eat!

This judgmental glare on my final bite, by the way, is my favorite of all