I am the owner of Kasparo – manufacturer of amazing tables which comes alive when a person enters the room. The table has LED technology and proximity sensor which make animation on the top of the table.

We producing dining tables and conference tables. Each table has a number and a certificate of authenticity. After purchase, the customer receives a notice of planting trees with GPS location data.

We do not a mass-produce furniture items, this are exclusive tables are hand made. Buyers can personally choose the tree they want the table to be made from.

We are trying to be unique, tables are exceptionally unique and bring a new interactive approach to interior design. Production time of one table 4-6 weeks.

More info: kasparo.pl

Over a year ago I decided that I wanted to create a unique brand producing tables

I found the best carpenter in this part of the Poland where I live and we made the first top of the table and a sketch of the river

After that we have done riverbed manually in the table and we poured resin, but as you can see the resin boil and we had to do table again

We added sensors and LED technology inside riverbed

And then the table which comes to life when a person enters the room was finished