I am indeed an extrovert girl, but deep inside there are so many untold stories and emotion I kept. So I decided to put my silent expression into pictures. 

I love surreal style of digital imaging, it gives me the power to tell a story – you know, everything is possible. So here are some of my works. 

More info: abscondingreality.com

Be prepared for something unplanned before

You can close your eyes to the things you don’t wanna see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you don’t wanna feel

Slowly the memories of beloved ones are faded

I need a real quality time, without gadgets and full attentions

What is the most gentle touch in the world? It’s moonlight. Wish I could touch it

This quarter life crisis is killing me, I need to find myself first to survive

My brain is my ultimate friend and enemy, the thoughts inside keep fighting everyday

Captivated by the rules and racist people

A new hope for a new tomorrow

That moment when you have a lot of works but you choose to escape instead

You only see what I choose to show

Like I said before, my mind never stop talking and directing