Hi, my name is Andra and I’m a lawyer in busy London. I do enjoy all the analysis, negotiations and debates, however, my life is not occupied entirely by law. I enjoy being creative (which, let’s be honest, the grey legal world seems to lack) and dabble in the arts.

My curiosity also knows no bounds – but instead of diving deep into something, I get distracted by a multitude of things that look interesting, exciting and challenging.

My newest distraction is rubber stamps. How did you get into such a niche thing, you might ask. Well, I happened to be browsing the counters at Flying Tiger (as one does) and stumbled upon a £5 DIY rubber stamp kit. With complete child-like fascination (and nostalgia brought by an art class I did back when I must’ve been around 10) I bought the kit.

It has since been months and over 40 stamps – including an Etsy shop called CactusInks through which I’ve quietly sold some stamps.

Nature fascinates me, and as you can see, my utmost favorite thing is discovering intricate leaf patterns and designs. Some of the stamps you’ll see below are from an Inktober challenge I did last year.

I hope you enjoy. And if you too are a rubber stamp enthusiast, or just enjoy the designs, you can find me on my Instagram or, if you ever feel like buying a stamp (or ordering a custom-made one), you can reach me through my Etsy shop.

More info: Etsy | Instagram

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