I accompanied Icelandic photographer Hekla Flokadottir on a shot of her “Heima” series. I shot this in one day using one camera and a drone, while
experiencing and being overwhelmed by the landscape of the southwestern peninsula of Iceland.

Meeting Hekla and portraing her and her story was a great experience. Her series “Heima” is very simple and powerful,
telling a lot about her relation to the place and its people.

“When I started developing my project I had been living in London for just over two years. By this time I was missing ‘home’ and was gradually realizing how much I appreciate my origin and how big of an impact it has had on me. I decided to do a project about Iceland emphasizing the power of nature and the presence of heritage within it.”

She does this in a very special way. Although placing her models in very harsh conditions, the final image is very peaceful.

“I wanted to show the people as a part of the nature instead of ‘intruders’” says Hekla. “I think that seeing the people from behind also gives a sense of calmness, having the subject looking into the landscape like a self-reflection.”

This way to compose her pictures brings the viewer to imagine being in the landscape and looking at it through the models eyes.

“I was influenced by Romanticism while working on this project, especially Caspar David Friedrich and his painting ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’ which I think is extremely powerful”.

More info: heklafloka.com

Hekla Flokadottir – “Heima” series

HEIMA from Tidefilm / Christian Plähn on Vimeo.