Inspired by my love of Ray Bradbury and Robert A Heinlein I wanted to create a series of images expressing the feeling I get when I read science fiction. Especially 1950’s Sci-Fi. It taps into something deep, innocent, and magical for me.

I have never done a conceptual shoot before, and since I primarily photograph documentary-style portraits, I thought I’d try and blend the two.

After bribing my kids with grand promises of sprinkled doughnuts, and creating the space helmet (which, if it were my size, I would absolutely wear on a regular basis), we headed up to Red Rocks Park for the Mars-like landscape it offers.

When you experiment with something new there is no guarantee that the end result will be anything close to what you envisioned and that can be really frustrating. Despite the risk of trying something, and failing, this is what was in my heart at the time and, as a creative person, I think it’s necessary to push yourself outside your normal routine. Anyway, I’m looking forward to more experimenting and seeing where this story goes.