After I got my first job in a big city, but before I had an apartment anywhere nearby, I slept on a different friend’s couch each week in order to determine where I should live. In doing so, I experienced every form of public transportation in the area before settling on a very long commute, which I still do to this day.

Along the way, I have encountered a lot of weird, fun, annoying, terrifying, and touching experiences aboard trains and buses. Delays, fights, compassion, parties, and so much more. I thought these stories revealed a lot about humankind and people across the globe could relate, so I made a book about those experiences.

But since everyone’s experiences are their own, I made it a coloring book, so that each person can color in their unique version.

Which of these have you seen before? Which experiences did I miss? Tell me your weird stories!

More info:

The book in the DC metro

What kind of liquid have YOU found on the floor of the train?

Book spread with dogs and pigeons

Colored versions of a few of the portraits of people on the bus

Book spread with subway dancers and familiar faces

One of my favorite ladies on the bus, colored and original