I absolutely love cycling as do so many of you! It’s a great workout that never feels like one when you are enjoying the scenes around at your own pace. It got me curious enough to look into the history of bicycles. It was fascinating to go through all the variations of bicycles from the ancient to the modern and to see how they are used in ingenious ways in parts of the world.

What started as an effort to quench my curiosity became so much more. I made quite a few scale models of bicycles and related vehicles. Then came the idea to convert these into simplified DIY Kits that anyone could assemble. Following are a few of the 3D Puzzles that I designed. None of them require any glue as they have an interlocking system.

You can get your hands on these kits from my website.

More info: scaleddimensions.com

‘Celerifere’, the ancestor of bicycle, invented in 1790

‘LaufMaschine’, the German invention of 1881 is the predecessor of modern bicycle

‘BMX’ bicycle

‘Padyak’, the Filipino BMX bicycle rickshaw

Laser Cut Parts of ‘Padyak’

Indian ‘Cycle Rickshaw’ – A fusion of the bicycle and the traditional rickshaw

Interlocking Parts of the ‘Cycle Rickshaw’

‘Hand Pulled Rickshaw’