My name is Matt Burgess I am an ocean photographer from Australia. I enjoy capturing the ocean in her many moods, I have recently started to capture some beautiful landscapes in my spare time.

Australia offers some beautiful locations for seascape and landscape photography.

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White Heaven

The white sands of whitehaven beach Australia.

Blairgowrie Blues

The crashing ocean breaking over shallow rockpools.

Morning Explosions

A wave exploding over a shallow reef.

Ocean or Earth

A slow shutter pan of a mountain that I think mimics the sea.

Snow Capped

Snow capped mountains in the great alpine national park Australia.

Storm Front

A coastal storm front hitting the south coast of NSW.

La Cathedral

A castle shaped rock with waves crashing over shallow reefs.

Dancing Gums

Tree stumps on lake Hume in Victoria.

Morning Gloss

Night Dancer

Aurora Australias

One Tree Hill