I am a graphic designer & illustrator born in Romania and based in Berlin, Germany. I love typography, editorial design, ink illustrations, tiny details, decorative motifs and watercolor accents.

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Illustration is my way of expression. When I draw, I just put myself on that paper. All the feelings, ideas, thoughts…they come out exactly how they are, through my hand, onto that piece of paper. When you see my illustrations, you can see me in there, and the more I express, the more detailed and complex the illustration gets.

These are the inky cities I visited and loved.

More info: madalinatantareanu.com

#4 Midnight In Berlin

Midnight In Berlin


Me 7 months ago

But it' s already two past twelve..?

#7 Midnight In Frankfurt

Midnight In Frankfurt


Kateryna Ianishevska 7 months ago

you are so good. I loved everything about your artworks, they are stunning

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