The first time I heard about the Tiny house concept, I was immediately seduced by the idea. This wooden house built on a trailer can be moved (almost) anywhere you want. The recent economic crisis as well as general ecological awareness have encouraged the raise of these alternative habitats, which are affordable, mobile, generally eco-friendly and even autonomous for some, including this one!

Built in 3 months by 3 young french entrepreneurs this 13m2 house, called “Les Abers”, has been designed like a boat in terms of space optimisation and resources management. Fully equipped, 2 people can easily live in it, and it can accommodate up to 5 people to eat and sleep.

The house is fueled by the sun and the rain. All electrical components, such as the lights, water pump, refrigerator, etc. are powered by three solar panels. Even though full autonomy per se has not yet been reached (a gas canister fuels the heater, the hot water and the gas stove), this tiny house wants to be as green as possible. It is also connected and full of sensors: the production and consumption of electricity and water are being monitored directly from a computer or smartphone, as well as levels of humidity and temperature. A good way to educate the future tenants on sustainability, measuring the environmental impact of their actions on a day-to-day basis. The Tiny “Les Abers” has been thought for being full of natural light during the entire day. Very luminous with its 9 windows, you’ve got light bathing the inside from sunrise to sunset.

Located near Nantes (west of France), the tiny house has been moved in the middle of a winery along the Loire river. Almost at the end of the world, it is the ideal place for being inspired and relaxing half an hour away from the city. This is an excellent way to reconnect with nature.

With the housing rental crisis in Barcelona, this week made me think about alternative housing solutions. If you like manual work and have a lot of motivation, you can build a tiny house like this one for 30.000€ or less. Think about it

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