There is something enigmatic and mysterious in friendship. We often become friends on some improbable combination of circumstances and any attempt to find friends on purpose looks humiliating and pathetic. True friendship has a certain basis that has much more in it than just common interests and worldview.

A friendship has something fragile and vulnerable in its sense. Our strengths, talents and abilities captivate people, but that kind of interest can not be transformed into real friendship as it is not based on blind adoration and admiration.

We become closer to that kind of people in front of who we can reveal ourselves, having no fear to be humiliated or laughed at. We are ready to unveil our true self to a friend, forgetting about that ‘official society version of us’. A true friend always sees more of you than the other. He deepens into your inner world and sees that you are not as cheerful and strong as you try to be, finds out that you get upset by world unfairness, witnesses that you are stressed and absolutely not sure in tomorrow’s day. Revealing any of these things can be seen as confession and places us in a great danger. Such bane of life can’t be shared with everyone. We spend so much efforts to look strong before this world that our ‘melancholic unmasking’ can be shared only with a true ally. And if you have such a person in your life – you are unbelievably lucky!

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