On the west coast of Greenland, the world´s biggest island is one the greatest hikes in the world, the 164km/102mile long Arctic Circle Trail a hike from the tiny settlement and home to Greenland’s only international airport Kangerlussuaq to Greenland´s second biggest city Sisimut on the west coast.

You will need to be completely self-sufficient and carry all your food and camping gear along with you, and the change of getting a fast rescue here is nonexisting if you would be unlucky to have an accident along the trail.

While the hike is through complete, pristine wilderness, is things changing fast here.

There´s 9 free cabins along the trail where you can sleep for free, but there´s recommended to bring a tent, since some of the cabins only has sapce for 4 people

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Amazing Nature

Pristine Nature

Lakes everywhere

along the trail

Even have white beaches


of the small cabins you can stay for free

A old hunters cabin

The most beautifl cabin along the trail