The power of makeup is no joke and through the years we have seen some amazing transformations.  We need to take a second to look at some of them to be 100 % sure that it wasn’t the magic of Photoshop.

Makeup can be a mesmerizing thing once you think about it. It can enhance your self-confidence with a dab of foundation and concealer. It can release your inner creative soul with a variety of eyeshadows and lip colors. It can transform you into anyone that you desire to be: male, female, movie star, singer, fictional character, etc.

I have 14 years of experience in the makeup field and with this new project, I have transformed myself into several celebrities, such as Marilyn Manson. With these experiments, I just want to show the capabilities of makeup. However, I am not saying that women should try to look like their favorite movie star or singer. On the contrary, I am always trying to spread the message, that you should enhance your unique features rather than becoming someone’s clone.

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Can you guess which one is me?

Lady Gaga: before and after

These transformations began when someone said that I have similar features to Lady Gaga. Of course, I tried that challenge and it was so much fun and it wasn’t that difficult to transform myself into her. But I wanted to take it a notch higher and transform myself into Marilyn Manson. This was the first time I tried creating a bald head with the bald cap and I can say that it truly was a difficult task, especially since I have a lot of hair.

Marilyn Manson: before and after

One of the main aspects of these transformations is that I have to transform into a character on my first try, which means no preparation beforehand. During these transformations, I try to include my followers as much as possible, which means that they decide, which celebrity I have to transform into and what specific look I should recreate. Every time it becomes more difficult, but each time I am more and more excited to create something new.

Step by step transformation video