Some years back I used to work in a consultancy as administration officer to send Nepalese people to America. We have festival called “Shivaratri” where we celebrate smoking weed as blessing of Shiva. During that festival night I was going back from office to home and I met my friend on the way. I decided to stay with them for a while, they were cooking marijuana on milk like tea and smoking weed. Smoking weed on this day get’s the whole country involved to participates in this activity as a thank you to Shiva. I thought why not to drink some marijuana tea and smoke a joint, it is just a blessing. I had never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes before that night.

When I went back home after smoking some blessing (Weed), I felt like my heart was beating faster than ever. After a while I felt severe pain in my heart, I felt like my heart was going to explode. I screamed so loud that I woke up the entire neighborhood, run to hug my mom saying I am dying. I couldn’t walk after a while and was punching on the walls due to pain on my chest. So, my dad dragged me to taxi and took me to hospital. Sometimes i felt like I had two hearts and they were both going to blast. It was a same feeling when a balloons gets bigger and get blast.The doctor gave me an injection to make me sleep but it didn’t work. I was taken from local hospital to Army hospital. Where i was with the same drama, punching walls and beds, screaming the loudest as i can and crying with the pain. Some army doctors gave me an injection on my butt and it was so painful. I could feel the flow of injection’s fluid on my veins. The injection made me clam and sleepy. The place where injection was given it turned blacked and it seems now like a gun shot now.

I woke up in the morning and check my report card where it was written “Irregular behavior due to high dose of marijuana”. The whole night I was in hallucination. I also found out that some people after smoking marijuana were running naked in bushes, some who smoked marijuana felt as if they were god after ingesting it, some were laughing the whole night and some were crying. That day, not only had I messed up my night, but also my whole family, I made them cry because they felt like that was the last time they were going to see me.

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Some image of followers of Shiva smoking weed during the festival.