Hi! I'm Sofi, and a few weeks ago I finished the 52 Weeks of Drawings Challenge.

The project was really special to me because it helped me get through a very rough time in my life (I was -and still am- living in another country, far away from my family and friends).

Also, thanks to it I met a bunch of incredible artists and landed my first commercial projects. Now I’m working on two children’s books and an animated short film series.

More info: Instagram | sofisalazar.com

#1 Monster


We all have our monsters. The only thing left to do is learning how to live with them


#2 Music


If the bus is taking too long, you better start moving to keep the freeze away.


#3 Weird Superpower

Weird Superpower

A few days ago, talking about bizarre superpowers, we found out that a friend can eat enormous amounts of sweets without getting tired of it. I don’t really know if that’s a superpower, but I -that cannot do it- feel that’s an ability that must make your life a lot happier.


#4 Eyes


I used to have a this dream about a fox looking right at me, and days ago I found out that, in celtic mythology, the fox is a spiritual guide. I though it was a beautiful symbolism.


#5 Toys


When I was a little girl, I used to carry one of my stuffed animals to every trip I took so that they could see the world.


#6 Personified Animal

Personified Animal


#7 Something Sweet

Something Sweet

My boyfriend makes the best tiramisu in the whole world.


#8 Something Imaginary

Something Imaginary

Sunday mornings are for watching Cosmos and cuddling.


#9 Holiday


Since 1996, in Oulu, Finland, thousands of people gather to play imaginary guitars during the Air Guitar World Championship.


Fatemeh 2 years ago

Interesting!Both the drawing and the championship.

#10 Farm Animal

Farm Animal

Soon after his first knitting class, Horacio decided to start making his own clothes.