A few years ago, during the month of October, I sketched a little couple on a small piece of paper. Almost like doodling, the drawing took life and I named it “Love”. A few days later, while awake in the late hours of the night, I started another scene…and named it “Lure”. Enjoying the “L” theme, and how drawing was better thank lying awake in bed, I decided to call them scenes 1, and 2…and decided I needed 10 of them, all to be completed in the month of October. I am a big fan of Edward Gorey and Edgar Allan Poe, who clearly influenced my drawings.

On the night of the 31st of October, I finished the last scene I had set out to complete: “Lair”.

All 10 scenes were done. Here they are, my “October Scenes”.

Scene II -“Lure”

Scene III – “Link”

Scene IV – “Lullaby”

Scene V – “Loyalty”

Scene VI – “Lunacy”

Scene VII – “Ludic”

Scene VIII – “Lyrical”

Scene IX – “Ludicrous”

Scene X – “Lair”

Scene I – “Love”