Have you ever been addicted to any social networks? i guess yes, a lot of people at some point of their life are addicted to social networks. I was too, my life at that time was pretty messed up but still there were some funny moments which i’ve illustrated in comics below. read them and see if you’ve been through any of these. the following comics not only apply for facebook it can be any social network.

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#1 You’re always online and available anytime

#2 You reply faster than a lightning and you know what they’re gonna say next

#3 You can’t control yourself from replying a message

#4 You check your inbox every 2 mins as you get hallucinations about getting a message

#5 You talk like you’ve known your strangers since birth

#6 You think you’re not addicted to facebook, just the people in it

#7 You’re a good listener but the problem is in your memory