Hi ! Today I want to share my last drawing, a reproduction of the movie poster “No Country for old Men” of the Cohen’s brothers, with the greatest Javier Bardem. I draw It with colored pencils (Faber-Castell) in 8 hours, on a white paper (30x40cm).

I took 10 photos during my work to show you the evolution of the drawing: the construction of the model, the first field of colors, and the addition of a lot of détails.

It was a difficult drawing, especially the background with all these gradients.

I hope you’ll find the result well done.

More info: dpaccalin.myportfolio.com

The very beginning : the skeleton of the drawing

First gradient, very clear

Right eye (2 hours )

Beginning of the nose

Right side ok… let’s go to the left !

Left eye (same time)

Wow, the more difficult part is over

The character is the last thing to draw


After !

Final result

Thanks for watching