I was once tasked to write an article for a pop-up bazaar listing website. But when I didn’t have photos to accompany the writeup, I created a bazaar themed diorama from plastic liners, a few colored prints and acrylic paints.

I also created miniature boxes, clothes, clothes hangers, and whatnots from scrap cartons, wire, rags, and whatever I could find in my drawer.

Finally, posed my toys and action figure collection to create a marketplace scene. Here are a few of the photos from the pop-up bazaar themed photo shoot.

The website where the article was published was no longer online but I managed to repost the writeup on my personal travel blog.

More info: tenthousandstrangers.com

Unboxing merchandise and display paraphernalia

Setting up booth and arranging display the racks

Happy shoppers and their bazaar hauls