They say “go big or go home,” but what if you’re a graphic designer who just can’t afford “big?” As I was brainstorming ways to advertise my business, Madison Carr Designs, I thought of putting my name on one of those humongous highway billboards. Doesn’t everyone want their name on a billboard? The big problem is they are expensive to advertise on. Unless it’s only 2 1/2 inches wide and made out of cardstock. Then it’s surprisingly reasonable, and might even stand out more than it’s giant predecessor.

In order to design a mini billboard that’s practical and economical, I concluded that I needed to print it on only one side and be able to fit multiple billboards to a sheet. I solved the problem by designing it about 8 inches long and able to fold into a stable, stand alone sign. I knew that because of it’s final size, standing at just under 3 1/4 inches, using a tab and slot method to keep it folded would just be too small to easily work with. So I designed it to be kept together with three dabs of superglue. After it’s assembled, it stays together and stands out to make a statement.

And I decided that the statement it would share with the world would be how effective design can be, even on such a small scale. Each sign showcases that good design can be striking, eye-catching, spectacular, etc., even on a mini billboard. And to give the final marketing push, my logo and website are featured on the backside, so now I can finally say that my name is on a billboard.

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