Isn’t it about time we had a new way to tell time? Introducing “The Volt”.

I wanted to produce a clock that was both retro and modern, simple yet refined, and completely unique in both its style and time-keeping mechanism. It took me the better part of three years, and now its finished!

“The Volt” is a fully open source (I share all aspects of the design specs) analog, Arduino based, clock. The clock tells time with two separate suspended meters, looking like something out of a Steampunk past that never was. Each unit is handmade by myself and my partner on Vancouver Island our of solid black walnut, brass, steel, and copper. Everything from the board assembly to sanding and finishing the wood, to packaging and shipping is handled by us. This project is a labor of love and we want to make sure it is held to our standards.

More info:

The Volt – Shown With 3 Faceplates

Black Walnut & Brass

Black Walnut & Steel

The Volt Details & Demo Video