Today the first espected conflict started about my art work.
On several promotional sites, my work is taken away, because of complaining by another artist using his artist name and stealing his work.

Since most of the cases, such matters end up in human court, trying to get in the end money out of me, when my work will have succes, I did decide to ignore the human courts in front, keep my freedom to use the same name, which I use since 2004 and make my art in the same style(which I use already since 1992) of work and when my art is finished, to give my works away for free, under condition, that they stay till end of exhibition in the gallery.

Ofcourse, giving away art work for free, will take care most, if not all existing galleries will refuse to work with me, since this way it becomes commercially not interesting for them and they cannot earn their bread with it, which I fully understand and respect.

One more reason to pull of the 1weekgallery-tour from the ground, since it is the only gallery(put up by myself), who will not care about the profit on the artworks and it will give me the possibility to expose my work the whole world around.

Wisemen say, you should get value back for craftsmanship, most understood as something material.

In my case, my freedom is the value I get back for it.

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