I didn’t want to see all the beautiful cards we got for our wedding shower and wedding go to waste or sit in a random box somewhere….so I cut them up. I cut off the decorative fronts and saved the other sides with good wishes and handwritten notes. After laying out patterns I used Mod Podge to seal and secure the pieces to a canvas.

We now have them hanging in 3 different rooms in the house as a sweet reminder of all the love from family and friends. It’s a great DIY project for all you new June bride’s (or really any season!) In the future I’d love to do something similar to display the other side of the cards with the good wishes.

More info: Facebook

Before: stack of wedding cards

Cutting off design fronts

Cheveron Style. Cut cards into small strips and use ribbon to seal each row

Collage style: Cut random sized squares from favorite words/ pattterns and arrange in collage

You can spread them further apart for a different look

Using Mod Podge to seal

Laying out patterns

Using Mod Podge to seal

Using ribbon to seal edge