A person has always been a part of some alliances in any period of mankind’s existence – a part of a human herd, if I may say so. The role of an alliance can be performed by a patrimonial union, nation, government. there is a bigger number of subordinates in comparison to the number of those who rule in any alliance. And of course, it is not surprising. Who then will perform work, if everyone gives orders?Subordination is raised in people from early childhood and it is done quite successfully. The need for subordination is set on people via conditional conscience. With the combination of prejudices, our parents’ admonitions, public opinion the conscience tells you what you MUST DO and what you MUST NOT.

In this respect the woman’s position in the society can be seen as an interesting one, especially if you take classical understanding of woman’s role into consideration. A lot of restrictions and a predisposition to subordination can be observed. A ‘classical woman’, let us call her this way, has to be a great hostess, loves unconditionally children, gives birth to children, pleases her family, thinks about the need of her children and husband first and stays in the shadow of her husband. The set of these standard functions looks more like a description of a good housing device, that can warm, wash, clean and doesn’t take much space in the room. Women, who pay more attention at their work, hobby, travelling, etc. break the frame and spoil the ‘statistics’. In sexual relation a woman is not fully free. She is not allowed to act so as it is permitted for a man. She is more likely to hear the lections on her ‘deviant behavior’. An aspiration for sexual love, on the one hand, and shame, imposed by the society, on the other, make the life of some women rather miserable. A woman trying to please the needs of everyone around, except of hers, loses herself easily.

Any woman should have a right to express herself. The common picture of a woman is no more than just a figment, which acts as a pleasant generalization or as a solace for those who are afraid to find out who they are and what they are in this world. It is easier to follow the general tendency, tossing questions and doubts away (responsibility for the choice as well). For those, who are free from ready-made opinions, prejudices, the perception of one’s womanhood may open new opportunities in self-development. Instinctive awareness of woman’s secondary role opens new world for women. It opens the world, in which a woman stops to hide her skills and talents, the world in which she stops to be a shadow and steps out from the darkness. Jeanne d’Arc, Coco Chanel, Sally Mann, Joanne Rowling, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Annie Leibovitz, Faina Ranevskaya, Margaret Thatcher are just some examples of amazing women, who have nothing to do with subordinate life roles.

Women, you are great personalities and I want you to know it!

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