Hi, my name is Rama Prabawa Aji (HYNVALE). I’m based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I’m a person who has a fantasy-realms mind and loves working with the contemporary artwork and design, especially illustrations of anthropomorphic animals, feral creatures and etc.

This time I would like to show you my self-initiated art project called “Fauna Imajinatif Nusantara”. It’s an illustration project that shows 8 native Indonesian animals as fantasy creatures based on Anthropomorphic / Anthro.

Each of these characters represents pride, agility, strenght and features their own unique Indonesian weapons that I created with art nouveau elements. Their names were inspired by Indonesia-Sanskrit dictionary book written by Made Surada. All characters have their own unique story that was inspired by the history of Indonesia.

Scroll down the page to see my artwork. Thank you for support!

More info: ebay.com

Kapiladhara – Anthro Komodo (Nusa Tenggara region)

Kapiladhara (as Komodo)
from Nusa Tenggara region

Kapiladhara is the supreme commander who has mystical powers to guard his region. He uses Sasambo Batik elements, skull head protector, and his main weapon is Sundu Knife

Dhivara – Anthro Speckled Carpetshark (Papua region)

Dhivara (as Speckled Carpetshark)
from Papua region

Dhivara is a young Papuan sea shark. He is a hunter who is good at settling and catching his preys. His clothes have Asmat Batik elements and his main weapon is Aquatic-style sea spear

Nakhayudda – Anthro Sumatran Tiger (Sumatra region)

Nakhayudda (as Sumatran Tiger)
from Sumatra region

Nakhayudda is the most respected commander in the Sumatran rain forest. He uses Batik Gorga elements and his main weapon is Piso Gaja Dompak

Adhirudha – Anthro Bornean Clouded Leopard (Borneo region)

Adhirudha (as Bornean Clouded Leopard)
from Borneo region

Adhirudha is an anthro Macan Dahan figure who originated from the land of Borneo, Indonesia. He loves climbing trees to hunt with his Dayak which contains poison. He uses Dayak Batik elements and his main weapon is Dayak

Ksetrajna – Anthro Java Eagle (Java region)

Ksetrajna (as Java Eagle)
from Java region

Ksetrajna is the ruler of Javanese sky who has a complete freedom. He can control sky elements, such as the sun and clouds. He uses Batik Megamendung elements and his main weapon is Keris

Svarasika – Anthro Cendrawasih “Bird of Paradise” (Papua region)

Svarasika (as Cendrawasih)
from Papua region

Svarasika is a beautiful female who is often nicknamed as “Bird of Paradise” because of the beauty of her fur. He uses Batik Cendrawasih elements and her main weapon is Tombak

Vadavanala and Dhivara – Anthro Speckled Carpetshark

Vadavanala & Dhivara (as Speckled Carpetshark)
from Papua region

Vadavanala is the wisest shark in the sea of Papua. This time, he oversaw his young student named Dhivara who was using his sea-spear for the first time

Kapiladhara vs Ksetrajna – Anthro Komodo vs Java Eagle

Kapiladhara vs Ksetrajna (as Komodo vs Java Eagle)
located in Prambanan

The battle between the upper world and the underworld. Kapiladhara is the commander-in-chief who tried to seize the territory of Ksetrajna. However, his actions were immediately blocked by Ksetrajna

Identity of each anthro characters. Designed with art nouveau style, batik, and classical drop-cap. Also, written in Indonesian language