Small things become great when done with love. And that’s what I’m trying to portray through my miniature images. It’s been almost two years since I’ve started photographing these miniature model cars and over the time this fascination is growing!

For me it’s the little things and moments which make our life so beautiful and often times to create something beautiful you don’t need to have unique subjects or places. Sometimes an old beat up toy car and a place in your backyard can do the magic.

I used to shoot a lot of my images in my home, now I take them to places like a corner of a back alleyway, right beside a road or a location which seems mundane to plain eyes. I’m trying to take as many simple elements as I can and turn them into something beautiful and magical, and hopefully I can inspire more people to see their surroundings with a fresh new perspective and enjoy the beauty of simple little things!

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